Literacy Association of Tennessee
Let's grow literacy in Tennessee!

Dues Structure

Membership is a dual-enrollment process.  When you join, you will be a member of the local chapter of your area, as well as the state chapter (Literacy Association of Tennessee).  

Membership follows a fiscal calendar of July 1 - June 30.  When joining LAT, be aware that all memberships expire on June 30th.  You may rejoin anytime from July 1 forward.  

Many members join at the first event their local chapter holds.

Dues are $25:

  • $15 goes to your local chapter
  • $10 goes to the state chapter (LAT)

For those who live in an area where there is not currently an active local chapter, the full $25 will go to LAT.  Please consult the active Local Chapters list.

ILA membership is NOT included. You may join ILA at ILA Membership.

Donate to LAT 

The Literacy Association of Tennessee is a state chapter of the International Literacy Association.

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