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Dues Structure

Membership is a dual-enrollment process.  When you join, you will be a member of the local chapter of your area, as well as the state chapter (Literacy Association of Tennessee).  

Membership follows a fiscal calendar of July 1 - June 30.  When joining LAT, be aware that all memberships expire on June 30th.  You may rejoin anytime from July 1 forward.  

Many members join at the first event their local chapter holds.

Dues are $25:

  • $15 goes to your local chapter
  • $10 goes to the state chapter (LAT)


For those who live in an area where there is not currently an active local chapter, the full $25 will go to LAT.  Please consult the active Local Chapters list.

ILA membership is NOT included. You may join ILA at ILA Membership.

The Literacy Association of Tennessee is a state chapter of the International Literacy Association.

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